Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Electronics & gramps

 Gramps is getting plugged in to current technology....

iPad 3 Gen, Dr Dre Beats streaming Pandora while drinking a beer and eating is good. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

BB Curve 8320

Very solid device. I am not able to do a full review at the moment, however, I will be able to post one momentarily and give a very detailed review. Also jsut to let anyone know that doesn't already, HotSpot @ Home is the most amazing feature every and will most likely take over the mobile world in time.


Curve 8320

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Q9m Apps and Hacks

Here is a list of Apps and Hacks I have done for my Motorola Q9m running on VZW.

These apps and hacks should work with any Q.

So someone pm-ed me and asked what I use for hacks and what I recommend for software...I was thinking that we do have a thread for hacks but it might be interesting to see what some of us use and which we recommend...RUDEBOY/N99HOCKEY feel free to edit this if needed but I am just going to copy/paste the response I sent back to the person.

Originally Posted by acr4life
I'm a new q9m owner and someone suggested I look up your posts. What are the best hacks to do to get my phone to work better? what software do you recommend?



LOL so who said check with me thats funny...o well I got lots.

First you will need to get RESCO explorer and registry editor. Then the apps depend greatly on what you want. As for hacks here is what I have done...some customization and some for improvements...

Pocket IE speed boost...

Increase CPU speed (will drain battery more I used 2 go 2-3 days now I go one long day)...

Now the others are from the Q Hack sticky I just picked ones I like but they are not all on a forum so I will copy & paste some...

Speed Hack______________________________________________ _
-> change limit from 16384 to 32768

-> change cachesize to 4096

Disabling beep when hitting send to dial a number (djcampis)________
Go to:
-> Change the value for the Sound string to *none*

No Camera Click Sound______________________________________
Go to:
\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Pictures\Camera\OEM\Sou ndFile

Change the string/value:

to say:

No Startup Sound___________________________________________
Go to:
\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds\SystemStart \Sound
\Windows\Piano.wav to \Windows\*none*

Disable SMS sent...

This is for if you want to browse the device for file transfer great for sending/receiving everything and it allows you to view all folders not just My Documents...

Customization for phone name...

Maxing Headset and earpiece volumes...

Sprite backup
Contact Fix
Sniper(though it isn't functional yet...I just have it and am waiting)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jabra BT8010 Stereo Headset

I haven't used new stereo BT headset but I have some reports on it below from atlmotoq off of Everything Q.

Here it is:

Dramatic battery drain when second headset is plugged in?
nope. battery life on these things is redunkulous. cant get them to die. after 5 hours of non-stop stereo use (flight to vegas) it went from 4 bars to 3. OLED screen with batt indicator is PRICELESS.
Realistic battery life in stereo and mono?
Like I said, i haven't "measured" it to give you a quantitative number, but it frigging long
Comfort level?
To me its fine. I dont like in-the-ear gel thingy's. It hooks over my ear and the speaker just kinda sits there not unlike a moto 500. After a min I dont feel it anymore so I'd give it high marks.
Second earpiece have a tendency to want to fall off similar to the original Sony stereo headsets with similar design?
I have no experience with the sony things you're talking about but the secondary ear piece is just a smaller version of the main one. it hooks over the ear just the same and has the same earpiece/speaker/whatever you wanna call it. Do earpieces with loops tend to fall off a lot? I don't know. these don't fall off of me.

Hope this helps a bit. If you wanna buy this headset, and I plan to, just click the picture below.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Motorola HT820 Stereo Bluetooth

Ever want the convenience of stereo music but not have to switch between your wired headsets and your BT mono headset? Solution is here.

Motorola as an amazing pair of stereo BT headsets. The main drawback is the size, but that is where is stops.

500hrs standby time
17hrs of talk time
12hrs of music playback
BT version 1.2, compliant with "headset" and "handsfree" profiles

With this headset you can easily switch between calls and music. Use your left earpiece to answer, hang up, voice dial, and control volume. Use your right earpiece to play, pause, stop and track forward and back. Very comfortable and easy to use. The other great advantage is that you can pair them with a phone and a laptop. You can set the headphones to play music from your laptop with a BT connection and then when a call comes through, music will be paused from lappy and switch to the call on the headphones. This will be the same as if the handset was paying music.

Definite must have for everyone with how music is available in almost every handset. Make sure you pick up yours quick, just click the image below to purchase them.

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Motorola 700Z Bluetooth Headset

Motorola has an amazing mono Bluetooth Headset. I would almost venture to say that this is the best headset that Motorola has made so far.

Range is typical 10 meters like all standard BT headsets, however it is an enhanced version of 1.2 with EDR and the Digital Signal Processing. This feature allows the signal to be enhanced for better clarity on your calls and noise canceling for all other sound except the frequency your voice is emitted at.

200 hours standy time
6 hours talk time
Bluetooth 1.2 compliant, however backwards compatible iwth 1.1 and 1.2
-works for "headset" and "handfree" profiles.
30 feet of range
Available in Fire, Plum, Silver, and Black.

If you would like to purchase this headset just click the picture below for a link to buy. The site listed below has Silver and Black, Fire and Plum need to be purchased from Motorola.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

EV-DO Rev A AirCard with VZW

I am currently using the new AC595 Rev A AirCard by Sierra Wireless on the Verizon Wireless network.

First off let me just say this card is amazing. I have been checking speeds regularly to see different speeds and Upload/Download times.

Let me just say there is now NO NEED to get Comcast. You pay the $49.99 each month for something that stays at home, or $59.99 each month to take your broadband with you.

I rate this card a 8.75 out of 10 for functionality and speed. The only draw back is that it only comes as PCMCIA adapter and is thus mainly limited to laptops or requires an additional adapter.

Speeds pulled on it start at low as 1.2Mbps-2.1Mbps spikes, upload speed average 220Mbps-390Mbps WIRELESSLY. The new era has arrived.

Click the image below to purchase your card today.
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Motorola Q

Little late in coming yes I know but the Q is definitely worth the wait and the review.

Motorola Q currently with new 2 year contract with Verizon is $149.99 after mail-in rebates. Running Windows 5.0 for Smartphone this device is definitely in the elite catagory when it comes to PDA/Smartphones.

The phone is available in Silver or Rubberized Black. Full web browsing and e-mail in the palm of your hand everywhere you are with push capabilities. Wonderful feature entitled Persitent Memory allows for instant backup of all files and programs so there isn't any data loss. Expandable memory up to 2gigs with a MiniSd memory card, and once update is available and card is released up to 4 and then 8gigs.

1.3 MegaPixel built-in with Photo Enhancer software so you can get crisp, clear photos. Windows Media player allows you to have your MP3s everywhere you go in STEREO sound. This means you have you phone, PDA, MP3 player, and digital camera in one device everywhere you go.

As far as BlueTooth is concerned, this is the first device that Verizon Wireless offers with fully unlocked BlueTooth capabilites. You can even BT Tether you Q to your computer for BroadBand Access wherever whenever...this means you no longer need Comcast, now you get BroadBand for $59.99/month wirelessly.

Third party applications are available for the Windows 5.0 Smartphone platform at Handango.

Click on the image of the Q belows to order yours today. Overall rating of this device is 9 out of 10. Handset could receive a full 10 if there was more built-in memory due for faster processing. This is a must have for the avid on-the-go need to stay in touch consumer.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Upcoming reviews...

Gonna have some reviews coming up soon for the Motorola Q, LG-VX8600 and VX9900, also the new EV-DO REV air card from Sierra Wireless from Verizon Wireless.

Anything else you guys want a review of let me know.