Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Brando Releases Multi-Dock

This week Brando released a docking station with built-in speakers that they claim docks and connects with "everything." Right now it only does iPods, Nokia phones, Sony-Ericsson phones, and PSP's. However, it probably shouldn't be long til docks with a lot more things.

Click the picture to see the full story...

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Verizon SMS Record

So I thought I was a text-aholic. I had a record setting month of 16,495. The rep I talked to at T-Mobile that month couldn't believe it. She had never heard anything like that before.

Well I have DEFINITELY been beat. Verizon Wireless just set a record for September 2006. 5 Billion sms sent and received in one month.

Check out the link below for the full story.


VZW launches 2366i

Cheap BT pre-paid phone launches for VZW today.

FM radio
USB 1.1
Voice tagging
Measures: 3.2 by 1.7 by 0.5 inches
Weight: 2.8 ounces

May not be the best BT phone...but like I said it is CHEAP, only $69.99.

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Google iTunes myth kinda busted

So there was a rumor going around that Google was buying iTunes.

This is not true!

However, Google is buying the popular online video sharing site YouTunes.

The deal is going through for an astonishing $1.65 BILLION. The transaction will be a stock-for-stock transaction. However, there is no guarrantee when the transaction so fully go through. The paperwork is expected to go through by the end of fourth quarter 2006. Full story is located below.


Cingular To Announce Music Plans

Yeah so Cingular thinks it can one up Verizon and Sprint again. Sprint isn't hard to do, but Verizon still has them beat.

This service is not from Cingular but it is subscribed to other services through Cingular. One major drawback is that Cingular will not download the song directly to the phone. Check out the full story below.


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

iPod Shuffle V2.0

Finally shipping is the new Shuffle. Instead of the familiar iPod design we all know and is taking a more boxing look now. And just in case the shape wasn't cool enough....IT HAS A BELT CLIP BUILT-IN. :) Check out below the picture and click it for the link to the page.

How to save a WET CELL PHONE

This is a good trick cause I'm tired of trying to explain to eveeryone how to fix a wet cell phone.

This is important so make sure you right it down if nothing else. It will take a couple of days to fix but that is cheaper then 300 for an outright buy.


Ionkids Lease

So ever see those people in teh mall with the "lease" on their kids? You just kinda see the kids and expect to hear them start barking.

It is a great idea, but it also puts a lease on the parents as well...


Ionkids System has a PDA style tracker for your kids. It is a watch your kid wears that transmits to the parent to let them know where the kid is.

You can track -4- kids simultaneously and you get to set the zone for how far you would like to have the kids range. Once the kid leaves that will not only notify you, but the tracker will point you in the direction you need to go to find the kid. Unit retails for $199.


New Moto Linux-Based Smartphone

This is a similar design to the infamous RAZR but with a double fix. It is a smartphone...which is a bonus...and it is LINUX.

Linux is a wonderfully based program so there should be very little to none when it comes to glitches and errors.

Not quite sure when you can expect to see the phones out on the market becuase Moto is always the same and either way misses the release dates or the under shoot it and the phone is magically released months before. And besides it is a why would we even expect to be having this in less then a year or two. OK OK I would definitely like to ese it by next winter but I highly doubt it. Check out some screenshots and also see some user opinions at the link below.


Moto BT Car Kit -T605

This new Motorola BlueTooth Car Kit offers the ability to use the kit for calls or music.

This is an awesome new feature because so many phones now come with MP3 capabilities and built-in Hard Drives. No need now to buy an iPod with a stereo adapter. Now you can have a MP Camera phone that plays 100s of MP3's. Now you only need to carry one object istead of 3.


Monday, October 30, 2006

Bluecasting taking off

I hightlighted Bluecasting a year ago.

Now it is time to revisit the topic. This is the newest, and most up-and-coming form of advertisememnt. The link below will take you to the MAIN Bluecasting site that explains about it. Unfortunately the technology is only in the UK at the moment, but just give it time.

This is the main site:

Consumer site for setting phone's BlueTooth:

Email Bluecasting