Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jabra BT8010 Stereo Headset

I haven't used new stereo BT headset but I have some reports on it below from atlmotoq off of Everything Q.

Here it is:

Dramatic battery drain when second headset is plugged in?
nope. battery life on these things is redunkulous. cant get them to die. after 5 hours of non-stop stereo use (flight to vegas) it went from 4 bars to 3. OLED screen with batt indicator is PRICELESS.
Realistic battery life in stereo and mono?
Like I said, i haven't "measured" it to give you a quantitative number, but it frigging long
Comfort level?
To me its fine. I dont like in-the-ear gel thingy's. It hooks over my ear and the speaker just kinda sits there not unlike a moto 500. After a min I dont feel it anymore so I'd give it high marks.
Second earpiece have a tendency to want to fall off similar to the original Sony stereo headsets with similar design?
I have no experience with the sony things you're talking about but the secondary ear piece is just a smaller version of the main one. it hooks over the ear just the same and has the same earpiece/speaker/whatever you wanna call it. Do earpieces with loops tend to fall off a lot? I don't know. these don't fall off of me.

Hope this helps a bit. If you wanna buy this headset, and I plan to, just click the picture below.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Motorola HT820 Stereo Bluetooth

Ever want the convenience of stereo music but not have to switch between your wired headsets and your BT mono headset? Solution is here.

Motorola as an amazing pair of stereo BT headsets. The main drawback is the size, but that is where is stops.

500hrs standby time
17hrs of talk time
12hrs of music playback
BT version 1.2, compliant with "headset" and "handsfree" profiles

With this headset you can easily switch between calls and music. Use your left earpiece to answer, hang up, voice dial, and control volume. Use your right earpiece to play, pause, stop and track forward and back. Very comfortable and easy to use. The other great advantage is that you can pair them with a phone and a laptop. You can set the headphones to play music from your laptop with a BT connection and then when a call comes through, music will be paused from lappy and switch to the call on the headphones. This will be the same as if the handset was paying music.

Definite must have for everyone with how music is available in almost every handset. Make sure you pick up yours quick, just click the image below to purchase them.

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Motorola 700Z Bluetooth Headset

Motorola has an amazing mono Bluetooth Headset. I would almost venture to say that this is the best headset that Motorola has made so far.

Range is typical 10 meters like all standard BT headsets, however it is an enhanced version of 1.2 with EDR and the Digital Signal Processing. This feature allows the signal to be enhanced for better clarity on your calls and noise canceling for all other sound except the frequency your voice is emitted at.

200 hours standy time
6 hours talk time
Bluetooth 1.2 compliant, however backwards compatible iwth 1.1 and 1.2
-works for "headset" and "handfree" profiles.
30 feet of range
Available in Fire, Plum, Silver, and Black.

If you would like to purchase this headset just click the picture below for a link to buy. The site listed below has Silver and Black, Fire and Plum need to be purchased from Motorola.

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