Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hitachi releases 1TB Home DVR/DVD Burner

WOW!! A 1TeraByte DVR/DVD Burner!!!

This is awesome, but you know it will be pricey!

With that size built-in HD, you can hold 68hrs of HD quality video, or 1700hrs of VHS quality. Nice sleek look to the machine. Plus it also comes with Hitachi's iLink connection.

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This is a trial run from a company in London. AWESOME idea here.

The advertisement is called "Bluecasting."
A billboard advertises via Class 1 BT transmittors. It won't BlueJack, but it asks permission and then transmits the advertisement to the phone. Within 2 weeks, it detected 87,000 BT phones. 17% accepted the Bluecast.

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Mobile Parental Leases

Moto has decided to add a "lease" to their phones for parents.

"While parents need to adapt to the emerging youth culture surrounding mobile phones, adults are right to be concerned about what their kids are listening to, watching and reading, he said."

Nice to know that parents would be able to take an interest in their kids. However, don't you think this could be absed somehow? Just a thought.

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SE adds on Kodiak

Sony Ericsson has decided to add Kodiak PTT (Push To Talk for newbs) to their upcoming product line.

These phones will launch on the Orange Network. They will have Kodiak built-in, but will be compatible with the generic PTT included on some other models.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

BlueTooth iPod Headphones

FINALLY!!!  There is a new BT headphones with iPod adapter available.  It comes with V1.1 and 1.2 bluetooth compatible.  It will be the 33 foot range BT.  It only weighs 80g!!!

Bonus it is backwards compatible with ALL BT devices, i.e. Laptop, Phone, MP3, etc.

Check em out since I am gonna pick up a pair:

Only thing I am not sure of about them....
Bluetooth can only be linked with one device at a time.  Thus is has security feature so not just anyone can pick it up.  The headset, however, is being advertised that you can go from music to phone while on the go: "The iCombi AH10 presents music lovers, including iPod users, around the world with a stylish and wireless way of listening to music on the move while never missing another call."

This false advertising or just a mistake and they meant you can switch back and forth....I'll see what I can find out.    

N70 Gets FCC Approval

Today the much covetted N-Series N70 by Nokia received FCC approval.  No firm  pricetag yet, but it is smoking hot.

Metalic shell, 2MP Camera with LED flash, VGA camera for video calling, 3G UMTS, Tri-Band, and 262k color screen.  Wanna see the beauty?      

New iTrip for iPod and iPod Mini

Not that it was all crappy, since it wasn't, but there is new LCD on the iTrip.

LX- Stereo broadcasting
DX- Mono broadcasting with stronger signal
Capability to switch to foreign frequencies

It will soon available for under $50.00.  Give your iPod the ultimate FM transmitter.

Monday, August 22, 2005

P910 Successor Pic Link

There is a glitch in the Matrix, Blogger will not allow pictures yet unless they are Moblog.

As a result the post before this did not have a picture in it.
Here is the link for the P910 successor:

Enjoy (

P910i Successor

EXCITING news...or is it?

The P910 successory has finally been leaked with a photo at a show in Switzerland.  The only downside, the features suck!!!  I have the picture included here.  The story from is at this link:

Hope the screen gets bigger...    

Liquid Camera Lens

This I have been waiting for a long time ago when it was first brought up.  This is a MUST in the mobile world.

Liquid Lenses have officially been patented and are going to be launched in cameras and in mobile phones.  There is an expectancy of 10,000,000 lenses a year.

Why is this good?  10X OPTICAL ZOOM!!!  It allows for smaller size plus better quality because the lense is emmerced in fluid, hence the name Fluidlens.  It is designed after the human eye it can curve or concave depending on the focal point.

Check out the whole story:

Gameboy Micro

Fresh product from Gameboy is now announced and will be available for purchase on Sept. 19, 2005.

The product will retail for $100USD and will be available in Black and Silver models. Each comes with 3 faceplates for personalization.

GameBoy Micro Features Include:
*Measures 4 inches wide, 2 inches long and 0.7 inches thin
*Weighs 2.8 ounces, about the weight of 80 paper clips.
*Ability to play all Game Boy Advance games
*Library of more than 700 titles
*2-inch, crystal-clear screen
*Start/Select buttons that glow with the cool, neon-like blue found on many cell phones.

Nice that it will still play Advance games. Let's see if it really does keep up the battery life like bragged.

Canon launches new product

Canon today launched A LOT of new models cameras and products today...24 models to be exact!!!  Price starts at $150 and stops at $4000.

Cameras, lenses, printers you name it Canon went buck-wild!

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Motorola E790 Approved

The FCC has passed through the approval of the Motorola E790 for the USA.

As a bonus the Moto will most likely be an iTunes phone.  Features include:

Quad-band GSM
micro SD card slot
Dedicated music control key

Here is a link to the picture:

Here is a link to a more in depth look:


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