Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Q9m Apps and Hacks

Here is a list of Apps and Hacks I have done for my Motorola Q9m running on VZW.

These apps and hacks should work with any Q.

So someone pm-ed me and asked what I use for hacks and what I recommend for software...I was thinking that we do have a thread for hacks but it might be interesting to see what some of us use and which we recommend...RUDEBOY/N99HOCKEY feel free to edit this if needed but I am just going to copy/paste the response I sent back to the person.

Originally Posted by acr4life
I'm a new q9m owner and someone suggested I look up your posts. What are the best hacks to do to get my phone to work better? what software do you recommend?



LOL so who said check with me thats funny...o well I got lots.

First you will need to get RESCO explorer and registry editor. Then the apps depend greatly on what you want. As for hacks here is what I have done...some customization and some for improvements...

Pocket IE speed boost...

Increase CPU speed (will drain battery more I used 2 go 2-3 days now I go one long day)...

Now the others are from the Q Hack sticky I just picked ones I like but they are not all on a forum so I will copy & paste some...

Speed Hack______________________________________________ _
-> change limit from 16384 to 32768

-> change cachesize to 4096

Disabling beep when hitting send to dial a number (djcampis)________
Go to:
-> Change the value for the Sound string to *none*

No Camera Click Sound______________________________________
Go to:
\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Pictures\Camera\OEM\Sou ndFile

Change the string/value:

to say:

No Startup Sound___________________________________________
Go to:
\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds\SystemStart \Sound
\Windows\Piano.wav to \Windows\*none*

Disable SMS sent...

This is for if you want to browse the device for file transfer great for sending/receiving everything and it allows you to view all folders not just My Documents...

Customization for phone name...

Maxing Headset and earpiece volumes...

Sprite backup
Contact Fix
Sniper(though it isn't functional yet...I just have it and am waiting)

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Adam said...

Hey on the q9m is there any way to modify the start menu and turn on the GPS?